2018 Exhibitions

If your business or startup uses AI and you would be interested in demonstrating your product at the AIBE Summit, get in touch with us now at contact@aibesummit.com.



Illumr offers an exciting new solution for companies that have a need to understand patterns of behaviour that affect their businesses.
Illumr take an augmented cognition approach to data analytics and pattern recognition, matching both human skill in pattern recognition with machine learning and computer processing of data.


Seldon is an open-source machine learning pipeline for real-time recommendations and enterprise-grade predictive analytics.
Seldon work with containerised data science infrastructures, alongside optimisation engines which allow for data science teams to innovate faster. Seldon’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of machine learning to solve some of the world’s most important and challenging problems.

Simudyne powers computer simulations to augment human intelligence and enable better decision making.
Simudyne combines human and artificial intelligence together with big data to create massive-scale, AI simulations and predictive models

Ubipos UK

UBIPOS UK currently operates in the UK, EU and China as a world leading SME, while committing itself to tackle both engineering and environmental issues that are related to the provision of positioning navigation and tracking.
All of these activities are backed with the unique capacities for development of UBIPOS algorithms, devices, system platforms, validation and commercial exploitation. UBIPOS UK LTD is a leading player in AI for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in its global operations.

AIVA Technologies


Aiva (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist) is an AI that writes music for motion pictures, advertisements, video games, and movie trailers. She was originally created by Pierre Barreau while he was studying Computer Science at University College London (UCL).
AIVA is a very outgoing artist: to enhance her composition skills, she frequently learns by reading a large collection of music written by the greatest classical composers (Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, …) hoping to, one day, reach their level of genius. AIVA recently acquired the worldwide status of composer in the Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music (SACEM).

Cognition X

CognitionX is a Market Intelligence Platform and community which empowers businesses to use AI and data-driven solutions.
With over 7,000 members, it brings together world-leading data experts, software developers, platform vendors, researchers, hardware providers, and businesses looking to apply data-driven techniques to their organisations.

Entrepreneur First

Entreprenur First is a London-based company builder and startup accelerator which assists promising UK and Central European tech graduates and those already working in technology firms to design and run their own startups.
Entrepreneur First aims to attract the top graduates in computer science and engineering, with the goal of encouraging them to start their own businesses rather than entering traditional career tracks in the corporate or banking world


Mudano is a data company that specializes in Machine Learning and Project Management Solutions.
The company utilizes analytics and technology to deliver: large scale changes more effectively, make better informed decisions, predict potential issues, and increase business value.


Factmata wants to use artificial intelligence to tackle the proliferation of fake and misleading news.
The startup aims to be a cross between Wikipedia and Quora, with a community of users fact-checking or marking news articles for quality with the help of AI. Those users may include everyday internet users but also journalists. It is building its first product for launch next year: a news aggregator designed to show a quality score and offer extra links for context. Eventually, Factmata may offer its underlying technology to public-relations firms, media outlets, and other organisations for a fee.

Cortexica Vision Systems

Cortexica was developed from the Bioengineering Department of Imperial College London, and originated from a pioneering research to reverse-engineer the human visual cortex.
Cortexica delivers world-leading Computer Vision image recognition and search technologies supported by industry-specific consultancy. Working with clients across a range of verticals including retail, media, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, Cortexica’s technology is robust and flexible and can be integrated to any requirements on any system or platform, including on movbile devices.

Resurgo Genetics

Resurgo Genetics are are using the latest machine learning techniques to understand how cells behave and interact, based on a new view of biology.
This view extends the current, protein-centric, model of biology to understand complexities not explained in this paradigm and uncovers processes never before understood. These processes govern certain cellular behaviours, and many diseases. They are then designing precise, safe interventions into these processes.


IBM’s internal digital agency Interactive Experience (iX) is the biggest global digital agency network.
IBM iX utilises the ‘cognitive’ data that IBM and its AI engine Watson can offer to realise the synthesis of products and marketing in a digital world. In 2015, after only 2 years in existence, it had revenues at $1.9 billion.


Darktrace is a world’s leading AI company for cyber security.
Created by mathematicians, Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System uses machine learning and AI algorithms to detect and respond to cyber-threats across diverse digital environments, including cloud and virtualized networks, IoT and industrial control systems.

Volume AI

Volulme is an award-winning global provider of digital content, technology and innovation, delivering one of the world’s first commercial cognitive websites.
Volume is an AI Agency, transforming marketing from a ‘push’ discipline to a ‘pull’ discipline, converting the ‘search’ generation to the ‘ask’ generation and disrupting brand engagement thinking by creating the next level of customer experience.


Blippar is a leading technology company that specialises in Augmented Reality and Computer Vision.
By harnessing the power of its technology and data, Blippar’s mission is to be the bridge that brings the digital and physical worlds together, enhancing everyday life.


Datatonic is a team of data experts that enables businesses to perform better through the power of analytics.
Datatonic build state-of-the art data science solutions, providing customers with actionable business insights at an operational and strategiclevel.Datatonic hold close partnerships with Google Cloud Platform (Premier Partner; ‘Global Service Partner of The Year 2016’) and Tableau Software (Bronze partner; ‘Rising Star 2016 Award’)

Kite Edge

KiteEdge Apex gives professionals the tools to create alpha from their unstructured content.
Apex is an Enterprise Search Service designed to meet the varied needs of Asset Managers and Content Producers. KiteEdge use non-disruptive Search and Analytics capabilitites that helps firms extract insight & meet regulatory obligations.


Satavia is a SME based in Cambridge, UK, offering digital environmental intelligence to make aviation smarter and safer.
Satavia’s digital intelligence platform generates environmental factor exposure analytics for individual aircraft and airports, and integrates machine learning to offer automated risk-based decision-making capability.


Frosha is building a real-time platform to help our customers to get to know their customers.
Frosha employs state-of-the-art Deep Learning algorithms to clean and match Customer Data. Frosha learns from large public datasets and public feedback, improving every day, giving increasingly precise results.


Speechmatics provides automatic speech recognition technologies, based on decades of research and experience in neural networks, enabling world-leading companies to power a speech-enabled future.
Speechmatics has developed ASR technology for real-time and pre-recorded audio or video files. The technology is available in the cloud, privately (including on-premises) or on any device or application. Speechmatics’ technology is simple to use, efficient and available in an industry-leading 72 unique languages.

Eigen Technologies

Eigen Technologies is a research-led artificial intelligence SaaS company located in London and New York, which provide industry-leading solutions in data automation, analysis, and intelligence for businesses in the legal and financial sectors.
Eigen Technologies’ innovations enable their products to abstract insights from unstructured data, both numerical and text. They require exponentially less training data than traditional methods, making their technology flexible and lightweight. Eigen Technolgies’ clients use their Natural Language Processing software to analyse data at scale with speed and an industry-leading degree of accuracy.