2017 Exhibitions

If your business or startup uses AI and you would be interested in demonstrating your product at the AIBE Summit, get in touch with us now at contact@aibesummit.com

Tesla Motors  Electric & self-driving cars

Tesla Motors, led by Elon Musk, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in electric cars and energy storage.
Having recently developed their autopilot technology, Tesla will be demonstrating their self-driving cars at the AIBE Summit. Participants will be allowed to experience the cutting edge artificial intelligence technology behind the future of our transportation lifestyle and industry.

Aiva Technologies  AI who composes classical music


Aiva (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist) is an AI that writes music for motion pictures, advertisements, video games, and movie trailers. She was originally created by Pierre Barreau while he was studying Computer Science at University College London (UCL).
She is a very outgoing artist: to enhance her composition skills, she frequently learns by reading a large collection of music written by the greatest classical composers (Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, …) hoping to, one day, reach their level of genius.
AIVA recently acquired the worldwide status of composer in the Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music (SACEM).

IntelligentX  AI-brewed beer

IntelligentX is the world’s first beer brewed by artificial intelligence.
It uses complex machine learning algorithms to constantly improve itself via consumer feedback through an online system. Several bottles of AI beer will be available at the summit for participants to try out!

CognitionX – AI platform & community
CognitionX is a platform and community which empowers businesses to use AI and data-driven solutions.
With over 7,000 members, it brings together world-leading data experts, software developers, platform vendors, researchers, hardware providers, and businesses looking to apply data-driven techniques to their organisations.

Aire  Machine-learning for credit ratings

Aire solves the problem of a growing population of new borrowers who are unable to access credit due to their limited presence in the traditional credit bureau.
It gives people a new credit score to help them qualify for essential financial products by engaging directly with the applicant to evaluate their profession, education, lifestyle, and financial maturity. It uses a machine-learning solution that is seamless to implement, providing companies with access to new markets while also optimising acquisition costs.

Antix  AI video editing for GoPro

 Antix is a video-editing software which uses AI to help you automatically edit GoPro footage into a movie.
It does this by analysing footage, identifying and auto-tagging movements, and finding highlights to edit with human input. It is already used by a range of athletes including skiers, BMXers, snowboarders, wakeboarders, and skateboarders.

Bibblio  Knowledge discovery platform
Bibblio is a B2B platform which uses AI to help publishers and media organisations with content recommendation.
Their customers have included National Geographic, BBC, the Royal Institution, Oxford University Press, Youtube, University of Cambridge, Adobe, and more.

GRAKN.AI – Knowledge graph database
Grakn is an open-source knowledge graph data platform that uses the power of machine reasoning to build intelligent systems.
With its knowledge-oriented graph query language (Graql), it turns data into graphs and allows you to ask questions in a concise and intuitive manner. It allows for queries of associative and contextual natures, retrieving both explicitly stored and implicitly derived knowledge.

ASI – Data science services
ASI is a leader in data innovation. They specialise in data exploration, data science, advanced analytics, predictive analytics and data engineering.
To unlock the power of data in gaining competitive advantage, they help organisations to make sense of the data, big and small. They offer a comprehensive package of services including consulting, training and sourcing outstanding data specialists from their very own data science fellows and community.

Artomatix – Machine learning for art design
Artomatix uses AI and machine learning to create 3D art at a lower cost and higher speed.
It does this by replacing non-creative and tedious work with automation, accelerating the artist through the iterative creative stages, and allowing an artist to spend more time being creative.

Ernest AI – AI financial assistant
Ernest is a financial coach that learns about your finances and outgoings and answers questions about them.
It answers a vast array of useful questions to help you manage money, and it is also propositive in informing you when something looks unusual or suboptimal.

ForwardLane – AI for investment analysis
ForwardLane employs machine learning, machine intelligence, and statistical optimisation methods to synthesise valuable financial insights.
They use leading scientific open source platforms to develop their core technology focused on natural language processing of financial domain data with machine learning, deep neural networks, and knowledge graphs.

Avalon AI – Deep learning analysis for brain scans
Avalon AI builds deep learning-based Computer Aided Diagnosis tools to facilitate the detection of brain degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.
They use machine learning to automatically derive accurate brain features (e.g. the volume of the hippocampus) from brain scans and compare them to a normative population. This not only saves time for neuroradiologists, but also empowers them to make highly accurate reports.

Red Sift – Developer platform for smart apps
Red Sift is a cloud-based platform to deploy smart apps (sifts) and bots, working on data and automating workflows.
This enables individuals and businesses to plug in various data sources and make that data work for them, which includes unlocking data in email to get insights and improve productivity, visualising data from Google Analytics, and sending graphs to a Slack channel.

SentiSum – Smart summary of user sentiment
SentiSum uses deep learning text analytics to provide a summary of user sentiment.
Its advanced natural language processing technology combines text analytics with quantitative customer metrics. This analysis goes beyond typical keyword approaches, understanding the context and “voice” of customer conversations to deliver business insights with industry-leading performance standards.

Kompas – AI travel guide
Kompas is a travel guide which uses artificial intelligence to provide customised information.
It uses machine learning to build travel recommendations based on the individual interests of the user. This solution, which has never been done before in city exploration, generates tailored recommendations, relevant reviews, and a hassle free way of getting around a city. They are making city exploration personal, easy and enjoyable.