AIBE Fifth Speaker Series 

What is hot in AI and how ethics is guiding the development of technology

Audrey Gaymann, Kelvin Summoogum, Michael Boham, Sherin Mathew, Philip Marais

This event is a panel discussion on what is hot in AI and how ethics is guiding the development of the technology and the applications that use it. The conversation will be guided by AI experts and we will also tap into the hands-on experience of three startups using AI. These startups offer solutions to the healthcare, human resources and engineering sectors. We will learn how AI ethics is affecting these startups and what they are doing to build responsible solutions.


AIBE First Speaker Series

AI Ethics: Beyond Theory & Practical Application 

Richard Foster-Fletcher, Dr.Ansgar Koene, Merve Hickok, Patricia Shaw

Building trust in AI technologies by taking an ethical approach to AI adoption is a key enabler for businesses to succeed. Scaling the use of AI, however, has led to diverse ethical challenges. For example, autonomous vehicle incident liability, biases in automated recruitment software and substandard AI-based grading algorithms in education.

AI makes existing ethical challenges more urgent and creates new challenges. This panel will discuss how we move beyond the discussions, to begin applying and scaling ethics in AI projects across business, government, society and education.

We will discuss the current gap between theory and practice of governance in AI and draw on this panel’s experiences of building and implementing ethical & responsible AI approach into teams, governance, and processes.

AIBE Second Speaker Series

What’s the fuss with ethics in AI?

Maria Axente, Responsible AI and AI for Good Lead at PwC

A lot has been written and said about ethics for AI lately, but do we really understand why it really matters in the context of organisation public or private, large or small using AI? And how could ethics for AI help or undermine that responsible use of AI ? Could ethics be the Philosopher’s Stone for AI or is just yet another fad?

Join us to find answers to those questions together.

AIBE Third Speaker Series 

Governance and Accountability in AI

Lord Clement Jones, Shamus Rae, Katherine Holden, Ellis Parry.

How can humanity best navigate the transition to a world with advanced AI systems? Join us to engage in current debates surrounding the UK’s governance of AI, and the potential for achieving real accountability of these systems.

While governance of these systems can enhance transparency, mitigate risk and remove bias, are we clear on what tools we are using to demonstrate real accountability in AI? Are we doing enough? How do we move away from discussion to practical application? Moreover, can governance become a barrier to innovation and development? If so, then how do we develop governance frameworks that don’t disrupt growth?

AIBE Fourth Speaker Series 

Operationalising AI Ethics in 2021

Olivia Gambelin, Founder and CEO of Ethical Intelligence

Delve deeper into AI Ethics in terms of bottom-up vs top-down approaches, the importance of leadership buy-in, and the benefit to business ethics brings.