2019 Exhibitions

If your business or startup uses AI and you would be interested in demonstrating your product at the AIBE Summit, get in touch with us now at contact@aibesummit.com.



Illumr offers an exciting new solution for companies that have a need to understand patterns of behaviour that affect their businesses.
Illumr take an augmented cognition approach to data analytics and pattern recognition, matching both human skill in pattern recognition with machine learning and computer processing of data.

Atlas City
atlas city
Atlas City enables people and businesses to realise the potential of distributed ledger technology.
We’re made up of experts in engineering, software and business, from some of the most progressive companies in the world.
We’re solving blockchain’s biggest challenges, to deliver a platform that’s scalable, smart, secure and shared.
Our innovation puts control back in the hands of the people. People like you. Become an agent of change with Atlas Ledger and help shape the future.

Aiden is an AI powered marketing analyst for mobile user acquisition teams. Designed for mobile app marketers, Aiden uses machine reading to analyse large sets of paid advertising data and natural language to communicate recommendations to marketers. Unlike traditional dashboards where the user needs to pull data manually, Aiden proactively handles the analysis, reports results, and makes suggestions to improve your ROI.
Aiden.ai has raised a $2.3 million to date to fuel the company’s rapid growth and the development of the first AI powered marketing analyst.


causal lens

causaLens is a deeptech start-up based in London and we are on a mission to develop a machine that predicts the global economy in real-time.
We develop the next generation of autonomous predictive technology for complex and dynamic systems. We call it the CLPU (causaLens Predictive Unit).
Our technology helps large organisations optimise business outcomes at scale.



OakNorth Analytical Intelligence is a fintech platform that allows lenders around the world to profitably enter the underserved and overlooked market of lending to small and medium-sized businesses. It does this by leveraging process excellence, machine learning and technology to fuel data-driven decision making across the loan lifecycle.  
OakNorth Analytical Intelligence has circa €5bn in assets under service with clients across the US, Europe and Asia.
Since its inception, OakNorth Holdings has secured $576m ($455m primary) from several investors, including: GIC, Clermont Group, Coltrane, NIBC, EDBI of Singapore, Toscafund, and Indiabulls.

JamieAi is a UK-based rectech startup that redefines the way data professionals are sourced and hired. Our platform is based on principles of technology, transparency and trust. Having the largest dedicated platform for Data professionals in Europe, JamieAi is the most cost & time effective hiring solution available. To learn more, visit jamieai.com, read our blog, and follow us on Twitter.



Monolith is a deep tech company reinventing the way products are engineered. Our AI assistant already supports well-known companies to faster develop their products: from shampoo bottles to race cars, rockets, and airplanes.

Eigen Technologies

eigen technologies

Eigen is a research-led artificial intelligence company based in London and New York. Our mission is to help individuals and organizations make the right decisions, and we do this by unlocking the value of their qualitative data.
Eigen automates the extraction and classification of information from documents. Our simple, flexible Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology accurately extracts information from diverse types of documents at scale and can be integrated into our clients’ workflows. We use state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to recognize patterns in text and give accurate answers to unique questions. This enables our clients to use data in new ways to make the right business decisions: driving down costs, finding opportunities, calculating risks, and meeting regulatory requirements.
Founded in 2014, our clients include some of the most respected names in finance, law, and professional services. As a research-led company, we translate the latest methodologies from applied physics, mathematics and machine learning into the technology that underpins our product.

Mind Senses

Mindsenses global

Mind Senses Global is a boutique AI management consultancy. We use advance data science and research to help businesses improve their performance and decision making.
We are passionate about Artificial Intelligence and our mission is to make AI available to everyone by educating and supporting businesses and organisations in their AI journey.
We accommodate for a diverse set of clients and requirements. Our services include: providing AI education, developing AI strategies, building AI solutions & tools and advising on AI investments.

Using NLU and ML to contextualise data on +9M companies, Chosen AI predicts who to hire, when.  



ThirdEye uses AI to analyse new and existing security cameras & puts that power into the hands of public space workers. We do this in real-time and with human like accuracy.



9fin uses computer vision & machine learning to find key data on high yield bonds and the companies who issue them. By making data easy to search, filter, and analyse we help fixed income professionals save time & make better investment decisions.
Used by world leading banks, hedge funds and asset managers. Backed by leading VC funds & the only fintech in Europe accepted onto Google’s AI residency program. 9fin is also a participant in the IA Velocity program, the first ever accelerator run by the UK Investment Association whose members represent ~£7.7 trillion of AUM.



Lifebit is democratising muti-omics, biomedicine & big data analysis with its AI-powered cloud-based system. This enables developers & researchers, no-matter their computational & data analysis training level, & their corresponding organisations (ie. startups, SMEs, pharmaceutical companies), to instantly run & scale such analysis in a cost-speed-efficient and reproducible way that automates the analysis processes, learns from the data and provides actionable insights. Individual or a company, starting requires zero onboarding & zero configuration… just login, plug & play!



KOMPAS is creating the world’s most accurate recommendation algorithms to match people to venues around them, allowing the business to make data science accessible to small independent venues while making sure consumers get a truly personalised experience when looking for their next brunch.
The company is already working with a range of businesses, and have been approached by government bodies who are trying to understand how people interact with their surroundings. The team seeks for KOMPAS to become the market leaders in data concerning geospatial and consumer insight behaviour.



Automation isn’t solved – far from it. Even in factories, where automation is prolific, only 1 in 10 automatable tasks is automated. The rest of the work is done by people – sometimes in inhuman conditions, often for minimum wage, and it’s always menial.
We exist to make the tools which will solve this problem, disrupt and redefine the future world of work and have a laugh along the way. To do that we need a team of passionate people from diverse backgrounds who love challenging the status quo. Join us in making this future, don’t just witness it.

Straight Teeth Direct

Straight Teeth Direct.png

Direct to consumer teledentistry platform that connects users with dentists globally enabling at home cosmetic teeth straightening at a cost saving of up to 70%.
This is done through a direct to consumer teledentistry platform enabling at home cosmetic teeth straightening with 3D printed aligners delivered at home with no clinic visits. Currently serving customers in 43 countries and growing our A.I & data science team to apply computer vision, neural networks and natural language processing to develop innovative diagnostic and predictive systems as well as applying it within robotics and manufacturing automation.



ZEG.ai has developed a world-first 3D AI that allows for massive generation of 3D assets
using intuitive approaches: 1) uploading an image 2) textual or voice descriptions, or 3) inference from spatial context. This is 10x faster than any comparable human assisted technology. ZEG.ai works with e-commerce, XR, and gaming companies to power product visualisation through an API.   



DataSine uses the power of AI and psychology to to empower businesses to personalise their marketing communications.
Its core product Pomegranate enables companies to understand individual customer personalities and preferences and tailor content in a way which resonates with every customer at scale. With the help of DataSine’s AI-powered personality-based personalisation, companies benefit from increased customer engagement, CTRs and sales. In turn, their clients enjoy improved user experience through relevant content, appealing to their individual preferences.


AlgoDynamix risk analytics provide hours or days advance warning of major directional market movements. AlgoDynamix provides real-time updates using its analytics engine based on deep data from the world’s global financial exchanges and its proprietary unsupervised machine learning algorithms. In most cases, existing models and methodologies are augmented and enhanced using one or more of our forecasting analytics products. Our products are used by investment banks and asset managers amongst others. Our existing suite of risk forecasting analytics cover most asset classes including global macro equity, commodities and fixed income. The company was nominated as one of
the UK’s most disruptive technology companies.


Proportunity helps first time buyers in London own their dream home up to 10 years faster, and pay 20% less, by offering equity loans that boost their mortgage deposits 4x. Through our proprietary AI technologies we also enable them to buy in top growth areas and. Proportunity is one of the few fintechs to be an FCA authorised mortgage lender. Moreover it has been awarded UK Best Proptech in 2018 by Techworld and named Top 5 AI startups by Evening Standard, and been part of Google’s 1st Machine Learning Incubator and Entrepreneur First Incubator.


Beamery is changing the status quo in recruitment, where dated processes alienate candidates and dissatisfy employers. Beamery provides an end-to-end software solution to help companies to attract, engage with and ultimately hire the best candidates. Beamery brings predictive marketing, data-science and deep analytics to recruitment and help clients build the teams which set them apart from their competitors. This year they were rated as one of the UK’s top 25 startups by LinkedIn, and one of the fastest growing companies in the UK.


Founded in 2013 in London, Lobster is an innovative content marketplace platform to connect brands, agencies, media and creatives with authentic UGC sourced from 10 social media and online archives. Based on a unique blend of new tech, Lobster makes it simple for clients to search, find and license beautiful photos and videos from a growing global community of creators.
Each purchase gives back 75% of the final price to their authors. To the buyers, they can offer the authenticity and diversity of the real consumer, something traditional stock photo platforms are unable to replicate. AI and machine learning search rankings enable automatic content discovery at an unparalleled level, making it effortless to discover the 40 billion visuals on social media. Won the Europas’17 Hottest Adtech/Marketing startup award.

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