2019 Agenda

Speakers and Topics:

Kevin Gill, GBS Blockchain Practice Leader at IBM UK I, Blockchain and AI

Shamus Rae, Partner and Head of Innovation at KPMG, Forget about the 20 to 30 year Utopia vs. Dystopia debate on AI – here is what we need to discuss and execute on now to maximise the opportunity

Darren Priestnal, Chief Executive Officer at Atlas City, Reaching AI consensus with distributed ledger technology

Kevin Lin, President at Tuspark Holdings Inc., China & AI: “Tuspark Cluster Innovation Ecosystem in China and Beyond

Mal Harrison, Founder of Centre for Erotic Intelligence, The Future of Desire, Pleasure, & Relationships in an A.I. World

Tony Gjerlufsen, Strategic Technologist at SPACE10, AI and Future City

Alejandro Saucedo, Chief Scientist at the Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning, AI and Ethics Panel Moderator

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