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What is AIBE?

Up to 700 attendees

The largest summit of its kind

10+ Universities Represented

Artificial Intelligence in Business and Ethics (AIBE) is the world´s largest non-profit AI summit. AIBE is the annual rendezvous of AI experts, students and professionals. Our mission is to enhance public understanding of artificial intelligence and data-driven technologies. We do so by empowering all individuals to explore the latest innovations in the field and discuss their ethical implications with leading industry practitioners.

Founded in 2016 by members of LSE SU Entrepreneurs, AIBE is led by students who are committed to share their passion for AI with their peers. AIBE has a tradition of collaborating with students from all universities. Starting with UCL and Imperial College London in 2016, we joined forces with Oxford University, King´s College London and the UCL AI Society in 2017, expanding our reach to all students of the Golden Triangle.

As well as hosting its annual summit, AIBE is a research institution which aggregates news in AI and publishes content on the AI philosophy. In the future, we plan to move towards establishing an AI startup programme by utilising our growing network of entrepreneurs, corporate advisors, and VCs.

Up to 700 attendees

The largest summit of its kind

10+ Universities Represented

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Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre

Opened by HM the Queen in 1986, QEII Centre is the largest dedicated conference, events, and exhibition space in central London. It is located less than five minutes’ walk from Big Ben and the Thames, directly opposite Westminster Abbey, and a two-minute walk from the royal park. Over the last 30 years, the Centre has established itself as a stage for game-changers, innovators and thought leaders across industries, politics and big brands.

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