The AIBE Summit is a market insight body which holds an annual conference on Artificial Intelligence in Business & Entrepreneurship. In 2017, it was the largest event of its kind ever to be held, with over 700 participants. Our founding partners for the inaugural Summit included Microsoft, IBM, Tesla, the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, and the Lloyds Register Foundation, among others.


Our mission is to increase public understanding and discussion on the implications of AI for the business world, to raise the technological literacy of students, entrepreneurs, and professionals alike, and to recognise London as one of the world’s major digital capitals for the future of AI. AIBE is a non-profit initiative that seeks finance from partners and collaborators to subsidise tickets affordable for students, raising public rather than private awareness. The initiative was conceived as a collaboration of UCL, Imperial College and London School of Economics students and academics.
The initiative was pioneered by the LSE Entrepreneurs Society, and has recently also been joined by members from the UCL AI Society, to celebrate the newly formed Partnership on AI between Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft.